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Communication Solutions

StratosITek™ is a cost-effective, IP based global VSAT satellite solution that provides a high-speed, always-on connection for:

  • corporate intranets/enterprise solutions
  • the international public switched telephone network (PSTN) usingVoice-over-IP (VoIP)
  • Internet Service Providers

As your primary remote communications platform or as a completely independent backup for an existing network, StratosITek combines secure, dependable connectivity with superior coverage in a flexible package that we can scale to meet almost any requirement you have. Whether you have hundreds or a mere handful of sites, StratosITek’s broadband satellite architecture is one, powerful and proven solution for all of your IP-based communication needs in hard-to-reach areas.

Equipment can be configured in many different scenarios to meet your communication needs.

Offers include the following equipment options:

  • Fixed Satellite Terminal
  • Auto-Acquire Satellite Terminal

StratosItek services are perfect for remote areas where business needs require voice and data services but typical terrestrial or cellular networks just are not available or reliable. The StratosITek network is built on robust, IP-optimized technology that has been field proven throughout the world. A typical remote site has a satellite antenna and radio equipment for two-way, send-and- receive communications, as well as an indoor unit that connects seamlessly with your existing PCs on a local area network using a standard Ethernet interface.

Service configurations can be customized to meet your communication requirements, all services configurations are supported on either the fixed or auto-acquire terminal. Standard configurations are as follows:

  • 128k/512k (Upload/Download)
  • 256k/512k
  • 256k/1024k
  • 512k/1024k

Standard services come with Internet access and (2) voice lines that include bundled LD.